American Sniper – Teaser Trailer

If this doesn’t get your heart going then you aren’t human. I am so happy to finally see footage from this film. Bradley Cooper has gone above and beyond to keep the story of United States Navy SEAL Chris Kyle true to the text, which was the SEAL’s Autobiography of the same name. Clint Eastwood is also in the director’s chair making this film’s hype go up another notch. Enjoy the trailer above!

American Sniper releases January 15, 2015 in theatres.

Exodus: Gods and Kings – Full Trailer #1

When I saw the teaser trailer a few months ago, I was happy to see Ridley Scott was doing an important story actual justice. In the latest trailer we see more of the scale of Scott’s latest epic in action, and dare I say, it looks fantastic. I just hope that Ridley sticks to the text rather than going down the path Darren Arronofsky chose to walk down with NOAH. That film was an epically beautiful dumpster fire that I won’t shame my eyes into watching ever again.

EXODUS will be released December 12, 2014 here in the USA.

INHERENT VICE – First Trailer

 Like a friend and co-worker just mentioned to me, P.T. Anderson’s trailers always look fantastic but the films don’t always follow suit. I have to agree with him. I walked out of his 2012 film The Master having no idea what to think. On the other hand, I will sit down and watch Magnolia or Boogie Nights on repeat any day of the week. Vice has the feel of something great. A classic 70s look with Anderson getting back to his Boogie roots. Funny, dark and beautifully shot. I can’t wait to see this film. I think you will agree after you see this first trailer.