Dedicated, hard working team player with a lifelong love affair with all things film related. Seven years of significant real-world experience delivering quality news with the 4th largest CBS station in the country. Supplemented over the past 2 years by a hands-on education in digital film preproduction, production and postproduction.

During my time at CBS 11 in Dallas, I exhibited a strong work ethic, willing to do whatever it took to put top quality shows on the air. I performed all jobs on the floor including floor direction, lighting, sound and studio camera operation. While working full time at CBS I continued to take courses in journalism and broadcasting at University of Texas at Arlington.

I left the TV station in November of 2011 to continue to pursue my love of film and finalize my degree. Since then, I have worked part time while carrying a full course load at The Art Institute of Dallas.

I am proficient in all current major non-linear editing software and have experience with motion graphics and most types of production equipment.

I work well both independently and with a team, constantly striving to expand my skillset. While not sure exactly where my passion will lead, it is certain that world of digital production will be the central focus in my future work environments. My overriding goal will always be to bring the best possible experience to whatever the target audience might be for my current project.

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