The Skeleton Twins – A Short Guy Review


The Skeleton Twins is one of those small indie films where the slapstick comedians you have grown to love get to take a break. A break from having to make you laugh and actually tell a great story. Seeing talented actors like Kristin Wiig and Bill Hader take a step out of their wheelhouse to make this film was a real treat. Don’t get me wrong, the film is absolutely hilarious. However, it deals with serious issues like suicide, adultery and depression in today’s modern world.

I loved this film. These are the little gems that come out each year showing so much promise , but I fear for them and the lack of money they bring in for the studios (or distributors) taking the chance. The jokes were usually dry and spot on from start to finish. While Wiig did a great job, Bill Hader was the one who stole the show. Hader played Wiig’s gay and depressed brother dealing with relationships he had left back home, only to return and see his twin sister in the same kind of predicament.

I don’t like to give plots away too much in review so I will just leave it at that. If you live near an independent theater showing The Skeleton Twins, then do you best to get there and see it before it gone the way of Video on Demand (VOD).

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