OBVIOUS CHILD – A Short Guy Review

Jenny Slate stars in “Obvious Child” from A24 Films

Yes, I am a fan of the new age indie romantic dramedy. Yes, I am okay with that. You want to know why? It has a little bit of everything for every member in the theater’s audience. And if done right, it will leave you with a feeling that sticks with you for the rest of the day or week. I have had such the pleasure of watching a film lately that gave me that very feeling.

Jenny Slate is the film Obvious Child. She has shown that she is capable of so much more than a little voice coming out of a little shell. While the story’s subject matter is not light, but the film knows how to make light of the subject’s story. It finds the hilarious and heartbreaking moments that take place around an unwanted pregnancy and make it relative to what real people go through in real life. Slate has a fantastic supporting cast and great direction in this little gem, but it’s hard to walk away from thinking about anything but her performance. I highly recommend renting this film if you get the chance.

Obvious Child is now available to buy or rent on iTunes.

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