Showrunners: The Art of Running a TV Show – Trailer

I never understood how much a project as massive as a TV show could hinge squarely on the collective efforts of one person. Then I produced a 20 minute film and learned the brutal truth to that statement. People paint Hollywood as a glamorous and life fulfilling adventure that churns out projects at the wave of the hand. Not true. This documentary is a good look at how difficult it is for one person to make a difference whether a show lives or dies. Check out the trailer above!

INHERENT VICE – First Trailer

 Like a friend and co-worker just mentioned to me, P.T. Anderson’s trailers always look fantastic but the films don’t always follow suit. I have to agree with him. I walked out of his 2012 film The Master having no idea what to think. On the other hand, I will sit down and watch Magnolia or Boogie Nights on repeat any day of the week. Vice has the feel of something great. A classic 70s look with Anderson getting back to his Boogie roots. Funny, dark and beautifully shot. I can’t wait to see this film. I think you will agree after you see this first trailer.